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EYP studio was founded on March 2016 as a non-profit cultural arts organization.

It is an “artist collaboration studio” that revolves around three main activities: creation, workshop and research.


-EYP Studio is a non-profit cultural arts organization that was established for the purpose of organic interaction and research of interdisciplinary art fields    such as fine arts, performing arts, visual arts and media art.

-This organization promotes exchange between professional artists and technicians in various areas. Through collaborative projects such as contemporary  art content creation and experimentation workshops between genres, we hope to further research the various phenomena of art relative to our modern society.


-EYP studio welcomes like-minded artists who agree with the purpose of the studio. Artists can freely participate in the activities of the organization.

-EYP studio promotes autonomous interaction of all the artists involved.

-EYP studio’s Non-profit cultural and artistic activities will be published through the website and SNS with the consent of participating artists.

 All published information can be shared by the general public.

-EYP Studio is open for use by participating artists. Artists must coordinate times among themselves.

-EYP studio director Eun Young Park may limit the use of EYP studio if the artistic activity does not meet the purpose of the EYP studio.

-If EYP studio accrues any revenue from cultural and artistic activities, the method of distribution of said profits will comply with the laws and regulations  governing non-profit organizations.

What we do


           - Past Projects:

           - Current Projects:


The purpose and features of EYP studio workshops:

-All workshops involve at least two instructors across different genres of art.

-All of the instructors who conduct workshops at EYP studio are professional artists, technicians specializing in multiple fields of culture and art.

-Workshop duration, participants, fee, location etc., depend on the nature of each workshop.

-The copyright of works produced while attending an EYP studio workshop belong to the individual or group participants.

-If EYP studio organizes an event or exhibition and a former workshop attendee would like to participate, they may do so freely under the condition that the work was    produced during an EYP workshop.

-EYP studio workshops are not for profit. Participant fees will cover operating expenses, including the instructor’s fee for each workshop offered.

-Copyright of the artwork and research presented and used by the instructors during the workshops belong to the instructors themselves.  Instructors and participants  will be encouraged to follow the ethical standards of copyright laws regarding artwork.


-Research conducted at EYP studio will focus on the study of various phenomena in the contemporary art field.

-The purpose of the aforementioned research is to provide information and exchanges that are classified under each field of art. Occasionally articles will result from EYP studio research. Copyright of the articles published will belong to the author of the articles.

About the director

Eun Young Park  

-Director of EYP studio

-Ph.D. in Visual Arts (Arts Plastiques), University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne

-Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Painting, Hongik University (2012-2018)


Eun Young Park is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist who first began her career as a painter. She currently focuses on video, sound, animation, installation and video dance (Butoh and contemporary dance performances). Through collaborations with performing artists and technicians such as dancers, musicians, light designers and stage designers, she experiments with various clashes and reversions of media. Presently, she is working on a project that represents and focuses on the human body as the subject of form and identity.

She graduated from Hongik University in 1997, with a major in Painting. She then received her Master's and her Ph.D. in 2001 and 2007 respectively. She has completed artist residencies at GCC (2012) and at Seoul Dance Center (2013-formally known as Hongeun Art Creativity Center).

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